holding space for mothers across brisbane & sunshine coast, as they venture the sacred realms of pregnancy, birth & motherhood. 

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Hi, I'm Tyler  - I'm a mother of two,  birth and postpartum Doula, a certified Hypnobirthing Australia Educator, and strong advocate for homebirth and VBAC.

My passion lies with physiological birth, and supporting mothers as they take important steps towards cultivating trust in themselves, and their innate ability to birth.

The work we will delve into together is potent but transformative. The journey you are about to embark on is not just about birth, it's about the rest of your life - Motherhood. 

My philosophy is simple yet profound: 
You don't "need" a doula, but you might want one to anchor you, provide unwavering support, knowledge, and grounding feminine energy. You possess the strength, courage, and instinct required to bring your baby earthside.
It is all within you! 

About Me

Hey Sis, 

I'm thrilled that we've connected, and I'm delighted that you're considering the support of a Doula.

I have a firm belief that birth is sacred—it's not just about the birth of a baby, but also the birth of a mother, and it's an absolute honour to be invited into the birth space to witness this!

Drawing from my own positive birth experiences, I wholeheartedly trust birth and the innate wisdom of the woman's body.

Beyond my passion for all things birth-related, I am a strong advocate for conscious and holistic motherhood. My lifestyle revolves around embracing a holistic, organic, and non-toxic approach.

In my downtime, you'll often find me enjoying casual coffee dates, spending moments by the beach, adventuring the hinterlands, or leisurely strolling the local markets. 

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