bare self chocolate


Her Chocolate was specifically created to naturally support  your body's menstrual cycle. It contains Shatavari and Licorice Root, two herbs renowned for their significant benefits in promoting women's reproductive health. This 70% dark chocolate is made from premium cacao infused with essential nutrients like zinc, iron, and magnesium, which are particularly important for women during their periods. Her Chocolate provides you with the necessary support to obtain these crucial nutrients.

Breastfeeding Chocolate has been meticulously crafted to tend to the needs of both mama and baby. It encourages mama's to take a moment for self-care and nourishment, recognizing the immense dedication they invest in their journey through motherhood. 

The sacred bonding experience shared between a mama and her baby occurs when the baby latches onto the mother's breast, activating numerous nerves in the mother's nipple. This triggers the release of hormones throughout the mother's system. Among these hormones are prolactin, which enhances milk supply, and oxytocin, which facilitates milk ejection. These two hormones not only support breastfeeding but also promote a sense of serenity and positive emotions in the nursing mother.