best birth co positive birth affirmation cards.


In the realms of pregnancy and birth, there is power in the language we use!

The messages conveyed to us throughout pregnancy can have a profound affect on the way we view ourselves and our birthing capabilities. 

Best Birth Co have designed these stunning affirmation cards to help promote calmness and confidence, and to help you re-program your subconscious with positive and empowering messages, essentially having a positive flow-on effect on birth physiology. 

This deck comes with a combination of positive birth quotes, affirmations and illustrations  to assist with the visualisation of dilation and baby’s descent to maintain focus, reduce fear and improve overall birth outcomes.

For best results, use these affirmation cards whilst in a meditative state when are brains are most open to recieiving new messages. Programs such as Hypnobirthing, CalmBirth, SheBirths or other mindful antenatal education programs have been specifically designed to help you achieve a deep meditative state during labour..