leave self-doubt at the door and own your birth like a queen.
(your journey(on your terms)

leave self-doubt at the door and own your birth
like a queen.
your journey(on your terms)

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Hi, I'm Tyler  - I am a down to earth Mother of two, Birth and Postpartum Doula, and a certified Hypnobirthing Australia Educator.

My passion lies with supporting mothers who are preparing for a natural physiological birth, however, I understand the intricacies of pregnancy and birth, and acknowledge that not every woman's journey is linear - This is why I love Birth Mapping; a unique and comprehensive approach to traditional birth planning. 

As your Doula, my role is to provide evidence-based education and tailored physical, emotional, and spiritual support designed to make sure you feel confident, calm and grounded. 

Pregnancy and birth marks a sacred and profound chapter in your life. It is a time of immense vunerability, growth and transformation, and it is my priority to ensure that you feel held, nurtured and respected through this significant transition. 

About Me

Hey Sis, 

I' am so thrilled that we've connected, and that you're considering the support of a Doula.

I have a firm belief that birth is sacred—it's not just about the birth of a baby, but also the birth of a mother, and it's an absolute honour to be witness this magical transformation.

Drawing from my own positive birth experiences, I wholeheartedly trust birth and the innate wisdom of the woman's body.

Beyond my passion for all things birth-related, I am a strong advocate for holistic organic, and low-tox health.

In my downtime, you'll often find me at my local coffee shop, adventuring the hinterlands, or basking in the delights of local markets. 

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