Pregnant? Suffering from information overload? Doula Birth Support to the rescue!

Pregnancy can be such a beautiful journey, but it can also be very overwhelming time.

I get it sis, I’ve been there! You don’t know what you don’t know. 

When we take a step in the great unknown, it can be very scary and intimidating.

So, what do you do when you receive all of this information?”

– How are you sifting through all of this information? 

– How can you determine what is relevant to you and what isn’t?

You need someone to help you navigate. You need a Birth Support Doula.

Crafting your Vision

Doula Birth Support can be a great way to assist you in crafting your vision or your expected pathway for your birth. 

We will also work together to identify alternative pathways, think of it as a “if not this, then what?” approach, in the event that your expected pathway takes a detour. This approach is a fantastic way to mitigate fear when we are faced with the great unknown.

If you deviate from your expected pathway during labor and birth, we can meet at this crossroads feeling calm, confident and well informed, rather than stressed, and potentially disappointed.

Continuity of care.

Now, I understand your question, ‘Can’t a midwife provide me the same support?’ The answer is, to some extent. Truth is, a Doula’s role in the birth space is very different .

A midwife is a medically trained professional who primarily provides medical expertise. They can provide some emotional support, but they can’t be there for you around the clock like a Doula can.

By choosing Doula Birth Support you will receive continuity of care and 24/7 support.

Main Focus of Doula Birth Support

I provide unwavering support to you and your family, free of judgement, bias or expectation. The Doula Birth Support that I provide is individually tailored to fit your vision, your needs, and your individual circumstances.

If any of this aligns with you, I would love to meet you to learn how I could best support you and your family throughout pregnancy, birth & postpartum. Let’s set up a coffee date! You can contact me regarding Doula Birth Support here :

I cannot wait to hear from you!

With love,

Tyler xx