wild crafted PREGNANCY& LACTATION tea by holding space for souls


Immerse yourself in the warmth & nourishment of these two wild crafted  tea blends by Holding Space For Souls.

Mountain Mamma Bliss Blend for Pregnancy: A harmonious symphony of flavor and wellness. Sip your way to tranquility with each cup, as this tea combines anti-anxiety properties, rich vitamins, and minerals. From reducing inflammation to supporting liver health, our tea is a soothing elixir that revitalizes the body, mind & spirit.

Mountain Mamma Nourishing Tea Blend for Lactation: Nourish your well-being and nurture your little one with this specially crafted tea blend. This soothing elixir not only aids digestion but also enhances milk supply. Experience the gentle reduction of cramping and the clearing of mucus, ensuring a harmonious blend that supports both mother and baby.