Womb Heat Wrap by Yoni Pleasure Palace


Womb Heat Wrap

Developed by Yoni Pleasure Palace, our Womb Heat Pack is an ultra-comfortable, hands-free, flaxseed heat pack specifically designed for wrapping around the lower belly. For best results, use with Earthside Apothecary Womb Warming oil.

It’s versatile enough for use on the lower back, neck or shoulders or even the leg or hip. Simply heat in the microwave for 2 minutes and enjoy a long-lasting warmth for 20-30 minutes or more. One colour and one size to fit all, this pack can provide medication free, immense comfort, warmth and support for a range of aches and pains such as:

Postpartum healing
Aches & Pains
Lower back
Neck & shoulders
Relieves stress

The Womb Pack can be used for both heat and cold therapy depending on what your body requires. Simply heat in the microwave and apply to the affected area to increase blood flow, restore movement to injured or swollen tissue, or reduce pain and muscle spasms. For cold therapy, keep your pack in your freezer then apply to the affected area to lower the temperature, reduce pain, inflammation, swelling, migraines or headaches.  

Material: Our Womb Pack is made of ultra-soft, plush, micro-velvet fabric (100% polyester) and the internal packing is made of 100% Canadian flaxseed filling, making it allergy and fragrance free. Please note the heat wrap does not have a removable compartment, which means you won't be able to wash the cover. If hygiene is a concern, you can wrap the pack in a towel or pillow case for protection.

Heating Instructions: Heat for 2 minutes in a microwave. After heating it may feel a little moist - this is totally normal and actually healing for the body! The heat generally lasts for 20 minutes or longer. 


Total length of the wrap from end to end is 181cm (5'9) long. 
The 12 panel heating pad is approximately 20cm (8 inch) high by 50cm (20 inch) wide.
Weight: 935grams (almost 1kg)