Your simple guide to Hypnobirthing & The Positive Birth Program.

The Positive Birth Program is a comprehensive childbirth education program that focuses on the strong belief that women’s bodies capable of birth. The program also stresses the importance of nurturing and respecting instinctual birthing behavior’s. This program encourages expectant mothers to connect with their innate body wisdom and intuition throughout the entire journey of pregnancy. Harnessing these powerful tools, women are able to cultivate a deep sense of self-trust that can alleviate birth-related fears and anxiety.

Benefits for Expectant Mothers:

  1. Self-Trust and Confidence:
  • Hypnobirthing recognizes the importance of harnessing intuition and instinct to encourage a deeper sense of self-trust.
  • This new found self-trust can therefore help women to let go of fear, doubt, and anxiety, resulting in a stronger, confident and positive mindset towards birth.

2. Holistic Approach

  • Hypnobirthing parents appreciate the holistic approach the program provides, not only does it delve into the physical aspects of birth, but also the emotional and spiritual aspects.
  • It challenges previous assumptions or views relating to birth, providing a deeper understanding of the true nature of the childbirth.

3. Personalized and Informed Choices:

  • Tailored to individual circumstances, the program provides evidence-based information that supports the process of informed decision making.
  • The program helps couples to identify choices that perfectly align with their personal philosophy and values, regardless of how labour and birth unfolds.

Benefits for Birth Partners:

  1. Confidence through Education:
  • Birth partners gain comprehensive birth education, expanding their understanding of birth physiology and how they can best support this.
  • Hypnobirthing education instills confidence in birth partners, highlighting the many ways they can provide meaningful support to the expectant mother.

2. Transformative Knowledge:

  • The program challenges long-term beliefs about birth, and strives to provide accurate and evidence based education surrounding the birthing process.
  • Through thorough reeducation, participating in Hypnobirthing classes can lead to feelings of confidence, which can be empowering, knowing that they are valued and posses an important role in the birth.

3. Reduced Fears and Anxiety:

  • Well-informed birth partners who harness the power of Hypnobirthing experience reduced fears and anxiety, contributing to a calm and supportive birthing environment that supports physiology.
  • The program recognizes the importance of nurturing the emotional and spiritual well-being of birth partners for a positive birth experience.

Final Thoughts:

In essence, the Positive Birth Program is far from a one-size-fits-all approach; it is a framework that delivers evidence-based education that can support informed decision making. The program guides couples on a journey of self-empowerment, harnessing the power of knowledge, instinct and intuition, the program helps couples approach birth with feelings of confidence, calmness and positivity.

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